This New Veggie-Forward Pizza Joint in Newport Beach Will Have You Swearing Off All The Rest

From the Owner of Malibu Farm Comes Skål Pizza, Lido Marina Village’s Newest Restaurant

From flavored salt and custom pizza boxes to oven-roasted fruit and thoughtfully crafted dough, it’s the little details at Skål Pizza that really set the restaurant apart. This new pizzeria concept at the end of the Lido boardwalk is a dream for the health-conscious food loverSkål, by the visionary behind Malibu Farm, is designed to elevate the pizza experience to new heights in a vegetable-forward, healthy way. Leave Skål with a clear conscience, a full belly and a new favorite pizza place.

The pizza oven is the centerpiece at Skål—everything else is built around this one piece of equipment. Aside from the small bar, the few tables and the colorful flooring, there is little to distract from the corner piece that’s churning out fresh thin-crusts, tons of veggies and a steady flow of roasted fruit desserts. Helene Henderson, founder of Skål and Malibu Farm, wanted the restaurant to be minimal and colorful–an offshoot of her cooking philosophy. She’s all about simplifying food with fresh, clear and sustainable ingredients.

Credit: Ed Visions

At Skål, serving healthy food does not mean compromising on flavor or color. Pizza, as a medium, is important at Skål. All the pizzas are named after veggies (Avocado, Tomato, Butternut Squash and Sage, etc.). Everything is basically vegetarian to start, and you can add salami, turkey, chorizo, prosciutto or egg to your creation. This isn’t a vegetarian restaurant by any stretch, but no longer do vegetarians have to ask to remove proteins from otherwise delicious pies.

There is plenty to eat besides pizza; the roasted veggies are to die for, and the handmade pastas are out of this world. As an experiment to see what else on the menu could be whipped up in the oven, the roasted veggie concept was born. Try the Artichoke, a full artichoke halved and served with a vegan green goddess dip and kale and pomegranate salad. The brown butter beet pasta could convert any junk-food apologist into a believer in the power of healthy eating.

Credit: Ed Visions

What truly takes Skål to the next level, however, are its desserts. These are A+, top of the line, do-not-miss sweets that defy expectations. There are hot and cold desserts, but the roasted fruit desserts are absolutely unreal: a pinot noir poached pear, caramelized banana or roasted rosemary grapes. Each is paired with vegan caramel, coconut whipped cream and flavored salt. The salt itself is a highlight–the pink pinot noir salt that pairs with the wine-soaked pears and roasted grapes is a favorite of Henderson, who describes the symmetry and detail on the table as “endlessly entertaining.”

Behind the bar, the drink selection is described as “a little geeky.” With a selection of European and Euro-inspired wines, ales, IPAs, ciders and more, there’s something for everyone (even though these aren’t the drinks typically found at an OC pizza joint). The bottled and draught beers were all hand-selected to complement the menu. Try the Duvel (6.6%) paired with a Cruciferous Pizza with an egg.

Credit: Ed Visions

Hailing from Sweden, Henderson believes in the idea of smörgåsbord, a buffet-style table full of different foods. “I like to have a lot of things on the table. A little pizza, a little pasta, a little of this, a little of that,” Henderson says. “I want to see my selection and determine what I want to eat.” The trick here is to eat a little bit of everything.

Because of this concept, all of the food is served at the same time at Skål; this isn’t the spot for a fancy five-course meal. Order a little bit of everything, share and enjoy! 

Skål Pizza
3400 Via Oporto, Ste 104
Newport Beach, CA 92663

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